CSD-OSHIIP 2015 Saved.png/Newsroom/Pages/01282015ODISavingsComplaints.aspxCSD-OSHIIP_DollarsSaved2014_Button.png.gifDepartment of Insurance Saved Ohioans $24.5 Millions in 2014, $84 Million Over Past Four Years1Yes
Money Saved.png/Newsroom/Pages/01222015OSHIIPSavings.aspxOSHIIP-2015-Money-Saved-Button.pngState's Medicare Education Program Saved Ohioans Record $18 Million2Yes
$500.png/Newsroom/Pages/10162014.aspxHome-AutoButton_2015.pngOhio's Average Insurance Premiums Among Lowest Nationally3Yes
WinterSafetyAwareness_2014.png/Newsroom/Pages/11142014WinterSafety.aspxWinterSafetyAwareness_2014_Button.pngTaylor Advises Ohioans to Review Insurance, Prepare Property and Vehicles for Winter 4Yes
Captives.png/Company/Pages/Captives_CaptiveInsuranceLandingpage.aspxCaptive-Button.pngOhio's Office of Captive Insurance: Now Open for Business5Yes
Teen Safety.png/Newsroom/Pages/10162014.aspxTeenSafetyAFTERtheWeek_2014_Button.pngState Officials Provide Parents and Teens Safe Driving and Insurance Tips6Yes
Ohio Means Jobs.pnghttps://jobseeker.ohiomeansjobs.monster.com/OhioMeansJobs_Button.pngSearch for Jobs or Advance Your Workforce at Ohio Means Jobs.com7Yes
26K Jobs.png/Newsroom/Pages/02272014ConsumerProtectionWeek.aspxjobicon.pngInsuring Ohio Futures Study Says 26,000 Insurance Jobs Will Be Available in Ohio Between Now and 20208Yes
Consumer Protection Week.png/Newsroom/Pages/02272014ConsumerProtectionWeek.aspxConsumer-Protection-Week-icon.pngTaylor advises Ohioans to become informed to avoid scams9Yes
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