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Press Release - November 29, 2010

Insurance Department Unveils Premium Comparisons Calculator

New online resource will allow Ohioans to research and compare sample auto insurance premiums


COLUMBUS — Today, the Ohio Department of Insurance revealed a new online tool that will educate and assist Ohioans in finding auto insurance that fits their needs.  The Auto Insurance Sample Premium Calculator, available at www.insurance.ohio.gov, can be used to compare sample premium quotes voluntarily provided by participating insurance companies as well as obtain contact information for these companies.

“Thanks to the combined efforts of the Department and members of Ohio’s auto insurance industry, Ohioans will have a powerful tool to help them shop for auto insurance,” said the Ohio Department of Insurance.  “This interactive resource will allow users to sort quickly through the resulting premium quotes when determining how changes in rating characteristics affect the cost of insurance.”

Here is how the Auto Insurance Sample Premium Calculator works:

  • The consumer is asked a series of questions designed to collect some of the information that is considered when insurance companies determine the premium rates they charge, including the location, how much the consumer operates the vehicle and the type of coverage needed.
  • Once the information has been entered, a list of the participating insurance companies and sample premium estimates will appear on the results page.
  • The results page includes sortable columns with insurance company contact information including company name, phone number, email address, as well as the annual premium estimates and the date the premium estimates were last updated. 

It is important to note that the sample premiums shown are not exact insurance quotes.  The actual premium is based on the consumer’s specific circumstances and more than likely will be higher or lower than the sample premium quotes shown in the results page. The Calculator is designed to give the user a basic idea of how much their premiums may be.  Those who use the Calculator will still need to contact their insurance agent or insurance company directly to receive an exact premium quote.

There are also educational links and information in a “helpful links” box to help research all insurance companies and shop for the insurance that suits a person’s needs.

Ohioans who have questions about the new Auto Insurance Sample Premium Calculator or have other questions about their insurance coverage can call the Ohio Department of Insurance at 1-800-686-1526 or visit www.insurance.ohio.gov.


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