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2018 Five Year Rule Review
Below are rules that the Ohio Department of Insurance are scheduled to review as part of the 5-year rule review process. This is not the exclusive listing of rules that the department could potentially seek to change, but are those that fall within the 5-year rule review. The department welcomes comment on the rules listed below. You can submit your comments by emailing ecomment@insurance.ohio.gov. Thank you for taking time to review and/or comment on these rules.
To view a copy of the CSI Business Impact Analysis and the current proposed rule please visit the Regulatory Reform Rules Notification Page.
​Rule ​Proposed Change
3901-1-14 Credit life and credit accident health insurance.
3901-1-47 Annuity solicitation.
3901-1-52 Life and health insurance guaranty association disclaimer and not covered form.
3901-1-57 Transaction fees.
3901-1-58 Standard credentialing form for physician and non-physician providers.
3901-4-01 Long-term care insurance.
3901-4-02 Long-term care partnership program.
3901-4-03 Retention of long term care insurance education records.
3901-5-10 Rental car insurance agent limited license.
3901-5-11 Use of senior-specific certifications and professional designations in the marketing, solicitation, negotiation, sale or purchase of a life or health insurance policy or annuity.
​3901-5-13 ​Insurance navigator certification and agent exchange requirements.
​3901-6-01 ​Solicitation of life insurance and/or annuity contracts.
​3901-6-02 ​Correlated sales of life insurance and mutual funds or other securities.
3901-6-03 ​Life insurance disclosure.
​3901-6-05 ​Replacement of life insurance and annuities.
​3901-6-08 ​Variable life insurance.
​3901-6-10 ​Valuation of life insurance policies.
3901-6-10.1 ​Smoler/nonsmoker mortality tables.
3901-6-10.2 ​Gender blended mortality tables.
​3901-6-13 ​Suitability in annuity transactions.
​3901-6-14 ​Annuity disclosure.
3901-6-15 ​Preneed life insurance minimum standards for determining reserve liabilities and nonforfeiture values.
​3901-8-01 ​Coordination of benefits.
​3901-8-02 ​Provider discounts.
​3901-8-05 ​Regulation of third party administrators.
​3901-8-06 ​HIV model consent form.
​3901-8-07 ​Advertisement of sickness and accident insurance.
3901-8-08 ​Medicare supplement.
​3901-8-11 ​Unfair health claims practices.
​3901-8-14 ​Open enrollment for children under nineteen in the individual and non-employer group markets.
3901-8-16 ​Required provider network disclosures for consumers.

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