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2014 5 Year Rule Review

Below are rules that the Ohio Department of Insurance are scheduled to review as part of the 5-year rule review process. This is not the exclusive listing of rules that the Department could potentially seek to change, but are those that fall within the 5-year rule review. The Department welcomes comment on the rules listed below. You can submit your comments by emailing ecomment@insurance.ohio.gov. Thank you for taking time to review and/or comment on these rules. To view a copy of the CSI Business Impact Analysis and the current proposed rule please visit the Regulatory Reform Rules Notification Page.

Rule Proposed Change
3901-1-01 - Public Notice by Publication Amend
3901-1-05 - Insider Trading-Instructions and Forms No Change
3901-1-57 - Transaction Fees Amend
3901-1-64 - Medical Liability Data Collection Amend
3901-1-65 - Medical Malpractice Annual Filing Requirements No Change
3901-2-01 - Application of Chapter 3901-2 of the Administrative Code No Change
3901-2-02 - Definitions No Change
3901-2-03 - Solicitations to which Chapter 3901-2 of the Administrative Code Applies No Change
3901-2-04 - Information to be Furnished Security Holders No Change
3901-2-05 - Requirements as to Proxy No Change
3901-2-06 - Presentation of Information in Proxy Statement No Change
3901-2-07 - Material Required to be Filed No Change
3901-2-08 - Mailing Communications for Security Holders No Change
3901-2-09 - Proposals of Security Holders No Change
3901-2-10 - False or Misleading Statements No Change
3901-2-11 - Prohibition of Certain Solicitations No Change
3901-2-12 - Special Provisions Application to Election Contests No Change
3901-2-13 - Information to be Contained in Proxy Statement Amend
3901-2-14 - Information to be Included in Statements Filed By or on Behalf of a Participant (Other than the Issuer) in a Proxy Solicitation in an Election Contest No Change
3901-2-15 - Information Required in Information Statement Amend
3901-3-05 - Valuation of Investments No Change
3901-3-18 - NAIC Manuals No Change
3901-5-01 - Licensees Amend
3901-5-02 - Provider Approval No Change
3901-5-03 - Continuing Education Course Approval Amend
3901-5-04 - Market Practices/Audit No Change
3901-5-05 - Violations No Change
3901-5-06 - Fees Amend
3901-5-07 - Regulation of Agent Prelicensing Education ​Amend
3901-5-08 - License Renewal Procedures ​Rescind
3901-5-09 - Agent Licensing and Appointments ​Amend
3901-8-04 - External Review ​No Change
3901-8-10 - Notice of Public Hearing on Rates for Individual Sickness and Accident Insurance Amend
3901-8-12 - Open Enrollment ​Amend



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