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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your agent or insurance company if you have a question about your policy. If still not satisfied, contact Consumer Services at 1-800-686-1526.

Q: Can the department tell me if my insurance company is reputable?
A: The Ohio Department of Insurance cannot rate or recommend companies. The department can tell you only whether the company is authorized to do business in Ohio. You can get information about company financial and service ratings by contacting a private rating firm such as A.M. Best Company, Fitch Investors’ Service, Standard & Poor, or Moody’s Investor Service.


Q: My HMO or Health Plan denied my claim?  What can I do?
A: Review your policy or contact the company to determine if you can appeal the claim denial.

Q: I am having a problem with my employer’s self-funded health care plan (self-insured). Can you help?
A: The Department of Insurance has limited regulatory powers regarding self-funded plans. We recommend you contact the U.S. Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Q: Can the company raise my health insurance premium even if I didn’t have a claim?
A: Yes, as long as the increase is across the board – that is, as long as the company raises the rates for everyone in the same health insurance pool that you are in.


Q: When I bought my life insurance policy, the agent said it would be "paid up" after ten years, but it’s been that long and I’m still getting bills. Why?
A: Your contract (insurance policy) may provide for guaranteed interest rates and/or dividends the insurance company will pay on your premiums. But your premiums must make very high earnings before they will "pay up" your policy. The company must stand behind items that are guaranteed in the contract. Promises of "paid up" life insurance are illegal when based on non-guaranteed values. If you have documentation of the agent promising this, we may be able to help. Documentation would include any writing containing the promise -- even an informal, handwritten note or a similar notation by agent.

Q: The police did not give me a ticket after a car accident, but the insurance company still raised my rates. Can they do that?
A: If the company paid any part of a claim for your accident, your premium probably will go up. The company can also raise your premium whenever it raises the rates for other drivers in the same automobile insurance "pool" as you.


Q: Is there a grace period on my auto premium?
A: Not usually. Auto premiums normally have no grace period so if your payment is late, your policy can be cancelled. But, read the policy, it could stipulate a grace period.

Q: I paid extra for a replacement cost rider in my homeowner’s policy. My television was stolen and even though I decided not to get a new one, shouldn’t I have received what it would have cost to replace it?
A: First read the rider. It may be that if you don’t replace the item, the company will give you only the actual cash value – in other words, what the item was worth at the time it was lost.


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