Report of Examinations Lookup:
The 'Report of Examinations Lookup' provides access to the most recently completed examination report for Ohio domiciled insurers. The search feature allows you to look-up domestic insurers by Company name, Report year, Group number or NAIC number.

Note: Search results are limited to domestic insurers only. To find all domestics in a group, obtain the group number first searching by Company name, Report year or NAIC number. Then search by group number. However, not every insurer is part of a Group.
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Company NameGroup No.NAIC No.Year
Aetna Better Health Inc0001142292012
Aetna Better Health, Inc.0001142292015
Affinity Mutual Insurance Company0000167482010
Affinity Mutual Insurance Company0000167482015
All America Insurance Company0036202222011
All America Insurance Company0036202222016
Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons0000561972011
Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons0000561972014
Allied Insurance Company of America0140101272011
Allied Insurance Company of America0140101272016
American Commerce Insurance Company0411199412013
American Empire Insurance Company0084379902011
American Empire Insurance Company0084379902016
American Family Insurance Company0473103862011
American Insurance Company, The0761218572010
American Insurance Company, The0761218572013
American Modern Home Insurance Company0361234692009
American Modern Home Insurance Company0361234692014
American Modern Life Insurance Company0869658112009
American Modern Life Insurance Company0869658112012
American Modern Property & Casualty Insurance Company0361427222014
American Modern Select Insurance Company0361386522009
American Modern Select Insurance Company0361386522014
American Modern Surplus Lines Insurance Company0361124892009
American Modern Surplus Lines Insurance Company0361124892014
American Mutual Life Association0000562862010
American Mutual Life Association0000562862015
American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation0359127002012
American Retirement Life Insurance Company0901883662011
American Retirement Life Insurance Company0901883662013
American Select Insurance Company0228199922012
American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio0473103872011
AMERIGROUP Ohio Inc0671107672013
Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company0084936612016
AultCare Health Insuring Corporation4805154612015
Aultcare Insurance Company4805772162010
AultCare Insurance Company4805772162015
Bankers Guarantee Title and Trust Company, The0000501642012
BCS Insurance Company0023382452013
Bristol West Casualty Insurance Company0069110342009
Bristol West Casualty Insurance Company0069110342013
Bristol West Insurance Company0069196582009
Bristol West Insurance Company0069196582013
Buckeye Community Health Plan Inc1295118342010
Buckeye Community Health Plan Inc1295118342012
Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company0046167132010
Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company0046167132015
Catholic Ladies of Columbia0000563162009
Catholic Ladies of Columbia0000563162012
Catholic Ladies of Columbia0000563162015
Celina Mutual Insurance Company0035201762009
Celina Mutual Insurance Company0035201762014
Central Mutual Insurance Company0036202302011
Central Mutual Insurance Company0036202302016
Central Reserve Life Insurance Company0901617272011
Central Reserve Life Insurance Company0901617272013
Century Surety Company0748369512010
Century Surety Company0748369512013
Century Surety Company748369512016
CIGNA Dental Health of Ohio Inc0901478052010
Cigna Dental Health of Ohio, Inc.0901478052014
Cincinnati Casualty Company0244286652014
Cincinnati Casualty Company, The0244286652009
Cincinnati Equitable Insurance Company0838167212013
Cincinnati Equitable Life Insurance Company0838880642013
Cincinnati Indemnity Company0244232802014
Cincinnati Indemnity Company, The0244232802009
Cincinnati Insurance Company0244106772014
Cincinnati Insurance Company, The0244106772009
Cincinnati Life Insurance Company0244762362014
Cincinnati Life Insurance Company, The0244762362009
Citizens Insurance Company of Ohio0088101762011
Citizens Insurance Company of Ohio0088101762014
Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association Group Health Plan0000001022012
Club Insurance Company0000109742009
Club Insurance Company0000109742014
Colony Specialty Insurance Company0457369272011
Colony Specialty Insurance Company0457369272014
Columbus Life Insurance Company0836999372012
Community Insurance Company0671103452012
Community Insurance Company0671103452013
Consumers Life Insurance Company0730623752009
Consumers Life Insurance Company0730623752014
Continental General Insurance Company0084714042011
Cooperative Group Benefits Plan0000001032011
Cooperative Group Benefits Plan00001032015
Crestbrook Insurance Company0140189612011
Crestbrook Insurance Company0140189612016
Czech Catholic Union0000563242009
Czech Catholic Union0000563242013
Czech Catholic Union0000563242016
Dealers Assurance Company0000167052009
Dealers Assurance Company0000167052013
Delta Dental Plan of Ohio0477544022016
Delta Dental Plan of Ohio Inc0477544022009
Delta Dental Plan of Ohio Inc0477544022010
Delta Dental Plan of Ohio Inc0477544022013
Dental Care Plus Inc0000962652009
Dental Care Plus Inc0000962652012
Dental Care Plus, Inc.0000962652017
Eastern Ohio Fire and Tornado Insurance Company0000103312014
Eastern Ohio Mutual Fire & Tornado Insurance Company, The0000103312010
EnTitle Insurance Company3483516322011
EnTitle Insurance Company3483516322016
Envision Insurance Company0000127472011
Envision Insurance Company0000127472016
Evergreen National Indemnity Company4765127502009
Evergreen National Indemnity Company4765127502014
Excess Share Insurance Corporation0359100032012
Falls Lake General Insurance Company3494352112011
Falls Lake General Insurance Company3494352112014
Falls Lake National Insurance Company3494319252011
Falls Lake National Insurance Company3494319252014
Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America0290779682011
Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America0290779682015
Farmers Insurance of Columbus Inc0069368892009
Farmers Insurance of Columbus Inc0069368892013
Farmers Mutual Aid Association0000103032012
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103042010
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103042013
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103042016
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Ohio0761396402010
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Ohio0761396402013
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association of the USA, The0000563322013
First Catholic Slovak Union of USA & Canada0000563402010
First Cathollic Slovak Union of the USA & Canada0000563402016
Freedom Specialty Insurance Company0140222092011
Freedom Specialty Insurance Company0140222092016
Gateway Health Plan of Ohio Inc0812123252009
Gateway Health Plan of Ohio, Inc.0812123252014
Gateway Health Plan of Ohio, Inc.0812123252016
General Automobile Insurance Company Inc, The0473137032009
General Automobile Insurance Company Inc, The0473137032014
General Star National Insurance Company0031119672009
German Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103072012
German Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103072016
German Farmers Mutual of Sardis Insurance Association0000103092010
German Farmers Mutual of Sardis Insurance Association0000103092013
German Farmers Mutual of Sardis Insurance Association0000103092016
German Mutual Insurance Association of Glandorf, Ohio0000103342010
German Mutual Insurance Company4787178842016
German Mutual Insurance Company of Delphos, Ohio0000103112012
German Mutual Insurance Company of Delphos, Ohio0000103112015
Grange Indemnity Insurance Company0267103222009
Grange Indemnity Insurance Company0267103222014
Grange Insurance Company of Michigan0267111362009
Grange Insurance Company of Michigan0267111362014
Grange Life Insurance Company0267712182009
Grange Life Insurance Company0267712182014
Grange Mutual Casualty Company0267140602009
Grange Mutual Casualty Company0267140602014
Grange Property & Casualty Insurance Company0267119822009
Grange Property & Casualty Insurance Company0267119822014
Great American Alliance Insurance Company0084268322016
Great American Assurance Company0084263442016
Great American Casualty Insurance Company0084398962016
Great American Contemporary Insurance Company0084106462016
Great American Insurance Company0084166912016
Great American Life Insurance Company00846331252011
Great American Life Insurance Company0084633122016
Great American Protection Insurance Company0084385802016
Great American Security Insurance Company0084311352016
Great American Spirit Insurance Company0084337232016
Hallmark National Insurance Company3478195302013
Harleysville Insurance Company of Ohio0253100602009
Healthcare Underwriters Group Inc0000122332013
HealthSpan Integrated Care4831952042010
HealthSpan Integrated Care4831952042015
HealthSpan, Inc.4831152842015
HomeTown Health Plan1297951952015
Humana Health Plan of Ohio Inc0119953482010
Humana Health Plan of Ohio Inc.0119953482015
Infinity Assurance Insurance Company3495394972011
Infinity Assurance Insurance Company3495394972016
Infinity Auto Insurance Company3495117382011
Infinity Auto Insurance Company3495117382016
Infinity Casualty Insurance Company3495217922011
Infinity Casualty Insurance Company3495217922016
Infinity Preferred Insurance Company3495101952011
Infinity Preferred Insurance Company3495101952016
Infinity Reserve Insurance Company3495109682011
Infinity Safeguard Insurance Company3495168022011
Infinity Safeguard Insurance Company3495168022016
Integrity Life Insurance Company0836747802012
James River Insurance Company3494122032009
James River Insurance Company3494122032014
Lafayette Life Insurance Company, The0836652422011
Lafayette Life Insurance Company, The0836652422012
Lightning Rod Mutual Insurance Company0207261232011
Lightning Rod Mutual Insurance Company207261232016
Lime City Mutual Insurance Association0000102842010
Loyal American Life Insurance Company09016572252011
Loyal American Life Insurance Company0901657222013
Managed DentalGuard Inc0429141422013
Manhattan National Life Insurance Company0084670832016
Marion Mutual Insurance Association4678102812016
Medical Benefits Mutual Life Insurance Company0000743222013
Medical Benefits Mutual Life Insurance Company0000743222016
Medical Health Insuring Corporation0730958282014
Medical Health Insuring Corporation of Ohio0730958282009
Medical Mutual of Ohio0730290762009
Medical Mutual Of Ohio0730290762014
Mennonite Mutual Aid Society4780102792012
Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company4780172992012
Miami Mutual Insurance Company0035167642009
Miami Mutual Insurance Company0035167642014
MICO Insurance Company0291409322013
Mid-Continent Assurance Company0084153802011
Mid-Continent Assurance Company0084153802016
Mid-Continent Casualty Company0084234182011
Mid-Continent Casualty Company0084234182016
Molina Healthcare of Ohio Inc1531123342011
Molina Healthcare of Ohio, Inc.1531123342015
Motorists Commercial Mutual Insurance Company0291133312013
Motorists Life Insurance Company0291663112013
Motorists Mutual Insurance Company0291146212013
Mount Carmel Health Insurance Company2838131232013
Mount Carmel Health Plan Inc2838956552013
Mountain Laurel Assurance Company0155441802012
National Casualty Company0140119912016
National Interstate Insurance Company0084326202010
National Interstate Insurance Company 0084326202015
National Interstate Insurance Company0084326202016
National Interstate Insurance Company of Hawaii Inc0084110512010
National Interstate Insurance Company of Hawaii, Inc.0084110512015
National Interstate Insurance Company of Hawaii, Inc.0084110512016
National Mutual Insurance Company0035201842009
National Mutual Insurance Company0035201842014
Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America0140260932011
Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America0140260932016
Nationwide Assurance Company0140107232016
Nationwide General Insurance Company0140237602011
Nationwide General Insurance Company0140237602016
Nationwide Indemnity Company0140100702011
Nationwide Indemnity Company0140100702016
Nationwide Insurance Company of America0140254532016
Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida0140109482011
Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida0140109482016
Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company0140926572011
Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company0140926572016
Nationwide Life Insurance Company0140668692011
Nationwide Life Insurance Company0140668692016
Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company0140237792011
Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company0140237792016
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company0140237872011
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company0140237872016
Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company0140378772011
Nationwide Property and Casualty Company0140378772016
North American Swiss Alliance0000563752010
North American Swiss Alliance0000563752014
Norton Mutual Fire Association0000102642012
Norton Mutual Fire Association0000102642015
OHA Insurance Solutions Inc1154118412013
OHIC Insurance Company0831356022011
OHIC Insurance Company0831356022015
Ohio Bankers Benefits Trust0000001092009
Ohio Bankers Benefits Trust0000001092012
Ohio Bankers Benefits Trust0000001092016
Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company0000371762013
Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company0070513302013
Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company0070513302015
Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association0000325732009
Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association0000325732014
Ohio Farmers Insurance Company0228241042012
Ohio Funeral Directors Association Benefit Trust0000001072011
Ohio Graphic Arts Health Fund0000001082009
Ohio Indemnity Company0000265652010
Ohio Indemnity Company0000265652016
Ohio Motorists Life Insurance Company1318660052009
Ohio Motorists Life Insurance Company1318660052014
Ohio Mutual Insurance Company0963102022010
Ohio Mutual Insurance Company0963102022015
Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation0704892062010
Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation0704892062015
Ohio National Life Insurance Company0704671722015
Ohio National Life Insurance Company, The0704671722010
Oklahoma Surety Company0084234262016
Old Guard Insurance Company0228175582012
Optum Insurance Company of Ohio, Inc.0707696472016
Order of United Commercial Travelers of America0000563832015
Order of United Commercial Travelers of America, The0000563832010
Order Sons of Italy in America - Grand Lodge of Ohio0000563592009
Owners Insurance Company0280327002010
Owners Insurance Company0280327002013
Owners Insurance Company0280327002016
Paramount Advantage1212123532010
Paramount Advantage1212123532015
Paramount Care Inc1212951892010
Paramount Care, Inc.1212951892015
Paramount Insurance Company1212115182010
Paramount Insurance Company1212115182015
Paris and Washington Townships Home Insurance Company0000102662015
Permanent General Assurance Corporation0473376482009
Permanent General Assurance Corporation0473376482014
Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio0473229062009
Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio0473229062014
Perry County Mutual Fire Insurance Company0000103962010
Perry County Mutual Fire Insurance Company0000103962013
PHA Group Benefit Association0000001152009
Pike Mutual Insurance Company0000102682010
Pike Mutual Insurance Company0000102682013
Pike Mutual Insurance Company0000102682016
Plans' Liability Insurance Company0023267942013
Progressive Advanced Insurance Company0155118512012
Progressive American Insurance Company0155242522012
Progressive Bayside Insurance Company0155173502012
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company0155242602012
Progressive Choice Insurance Company0155442882012
Progressive Commercial Casualty Company0155128792012
Progressive Direct Insurance Company0155163222012
Progressive Express Insurance Company0155101932012
Progressive Gulf Insurance Company0155424122012
Progressive Hawaii Insurance Corporation0155100672012
Progressive Max Insurance Company0155242792012
Progressive Mountain Insurance Company0155351902012
Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company0155429192012
Progressive Preferred Insurance Company0155378342012
Progressive Premier Insurance Company of Illinois0155217352012
Progressive Select Insurance Company0155101922012
Progressive Specialty Insurance Company0155327862012
Progressive West Insurance Company0155278042012
Provident American Life & Health Insurance Company0901679032011
Provident American Life & Health Insurance Company0901679032013
Putnam County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000103972009
Real Advantage Title Insurance Company0000504402009
Real Advantage Title Insurance Company0000504402012
Republic-Franklin Insurance Company0201124752009
Republic-Franklin Insurance Company0201124752014
Safe Auto Insurance Company0000254052009
Safe Auto Insurance Company0000254052013
Sandy & Beaver Valley Farmers Mutual Insurance Company0000102702012
Scottsdale Indemnity Company0140155802011
Scottsdale Indemnity Company0140155802016
Scottsdale Insurance Company0140412972011
Scottsdale Insurance Company0140412972016
Sonnenberg Mutual Insurance Company0207102712011
Sonnenberg Mutual Insurance Company207102712016
Springfield Township Mutual Insurance Association0000102722010
Springfield Township Mutual Insurance Association0000102722015
State Auto Insurance Company of Ohio0175110172013
State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company0175251352013
Summa Insurance Company Inc3259106492012
Summa Insurance Company, Inc.3259106492018
SummaCare Inc3259952022012
SummaCare, Inc.3259952022017
Superior Dental Care Inc0000962802012
Superior Dental Care Ins0000962802009
Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company0468109522009
Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company0468109522014
Transport Insurance Company4234330142010
Transport Insurance Company4234330142014
Triumphe Casualty Company0084411062010
Triumphe Casualty Company0084411062015
Triumphe Casualty Company0084411062016
Trustgard Insurance Company0267401182009
Trustgard Insurance Company0267401182014
U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company0968845302015
UDC Ohio Inc0019520222013
United Benefit Life Insurance Company0901652692011
United Benefit Life Insurance Company0901652692013
United Financial Casualty Company0155117702012
United Healthcare Insurance Company of Ohio0707110712009
United Ohio Insurance Company0963130722010
United Ohio Insurance Company0963130722015
United Transportation Union Insurance Association0000564132009
United Transportation Union Insurance Association0000564132012
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio0707123232009
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio Inc0707123232013
UnitedHealthcare of Ohio Inc0707951862009
UnitedHealthcare of Ohio, Inc.0707951862014
Unity Financial Life Insurance Company0000638192012
Unity Financial Life Insurance Company0000638192017
Universal Guaranty Life Insurance Company0000701302009
Universal Guaranty Life Insurance Company0000701302014
US Financial Life Insurance Company0968845302010
Utica National Insurance Company of Ohio0201139982014
Veterinary Pet Insurance Company0140422852016
Victoria Automobile Insurance Company0140106442016
Victoria Fire & Casualty Company0140428892016
Victoria National Insurance Company0140107782011
Victoria National Insurance Company0140107782016
Victoria Select Insurance Company0140101052011
Victoria Select Insurance Company0140101052016
Victoria Specialty Insurance Company0140107772011
Victoria Specialty Insurance Company0140107772016
Vision Service Plan1189543802011
Vision Service Plan1189543802013
Washington County Farmers Mutual Insurance Association0000102612011
Washington County Farmers Mutual Insurance Association0000102612015
Washington Mutual Insurance Association4678102552011
Washington Mutual Insurance Association4678102552016
Wayne Mutual Insurance Company4678167992011
Wayne Mutual Insurance Company4678167992016
WellCare of Ohio1199127492011
WellCare of Ohio Inc1199127492009
WellCare of Ohio, Inc.1199127492016
West and Knox Insurance Company0000102542016
West and Knox Mutual Insurance Company0000102542010
West and Knox Mutual Insurance Company0000102542013
Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, The0836704832012
Western Reserve Life Assurance Company of Ohio0000914132009
Western Reserve Mutual Casualty Company0207261312011
Western Reserve Mutual Casualty Company207261312016
Western-Southern Life Assurance Company0836926222012
Westfield Insurance Company0228241122012
Westfield National Insurance Company0228241202012
Woodville Mutual0000103992010
Woodville Mutual0000103992013
Wyandot Mutual Insurance Co ("Co" not "Company")0000103062013

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