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Certificate of Compliance

The Ohio Department of Insurance will provide upon request a Certificate of Compliance for an insurer. The Certificate of Compliance shows the lines of insurance that the insurer is authorized to transact in the state of Ohio. In addition, the certificate lists the insurer’s admitted assets, liabilities and surplus as of the insurer’s most recent annual statement.

Three examples of when a Certificate of Compliance may be requested are:

  1. by a contractor that is submitting a bid on a contract to provide evidence that the contractor’s insurer is licensed in the state of Ohio.
  2. by a bail bondsmen to provide evidence to courts that the bondsmen is insured by an insurer licensed in the state of Ohio. 
  3. by an insurer, with its home office located in Ohio, when applying for a license to do business in another state.

To request a Certificate of Compliance:

Complete the Online Form OR

Send a letter, email or fax which includes:

  • Insurer’s full name.  
  • Insurer’s Tax Identification Number or NAIC number, if available. 
  • Name of contact person, address and phone number of where the certificate of compliance is to be mailed (Also, include billing contact name, billing address, and phone number, if different).
  • Fee of $60.00 per certificate.
  • If you request via mail, make your check or money order payable to The Ohio Department of Insurance for the amount due ($60.00 multiplied by number of certificates requested). 
  • If you request online, email or fax, we will send an invoice for the amount due ($60.00 multiplied by number of certificates requested) to the contact person or billing contact.

Please submit your request for a Certificate of Compliance to:

Ohio Department of Insurance
Risk Assessment
50 W. Town Street
Third Floor - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Via email at risk.assessment@insurance.ohio.gov
Via Phone at (614) 387-2909
Via Fax at (614) 644-3256

Ohio Department of Insurance
50 W. Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio  43215
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