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Student Health Plans


Updated information for the 2017/2018 School Year
The following guidance provides content and filing requirements and processes for student health plans.
This guidance is not exhaustive. Health plan issuers are responsible to review and comply with all applicable state and federal law.



Important Notices!


Ohio Form Filing Deadlines

2017/2018 Student Health Plans
The filing deadlines for student health plans are provided below:
ODI will continue to monitor the policy changes being discussed and considered in Washington which may lead to changes or otherwise impact the timelines that HHS has released.  Based on that as well as the likelihood of new guidance from HHS, ODI may provide additional flexibility or updated guidance to Ohio carriers in the coming weeks and months to accommodate potential changes that become necessary.
Student Filing Type
Ohio Filing Deadline
Student Health Plan Forms
March 13, 2017
Student Health Plan Rates
March 27, 2017




Student Health Plans Filing Guidance and Information 
The following information assists insurers with the development and filing of their filings.  This guidance is not exhaustive, and insurers are responsible to review and comply with all applicable state and federal law.
Ohio provides indemnity insurers with the option of offering student health insurance coverage using either blanket or non-blanket policies.   Please note that there are differences in regulatory requirements applicable to blanket versus non-blanket policies.   Heath Insuring Corporations (HICs) can file non-blanket student health insurance policies. 
Form Filings
The Department has developed manuals to assist in the development and filings of forms.   These manuals provide detailed filing instructions and information about product design and document development; please review the applicable manual carefully.  Following the instructions provided in the manual will ensure that Department staff can review all filings in a timely manner.  Should filers have questions, Department staff are available to discuss and answer questions
Form filings are to include a fully completed form checklist, Essential Health Benefit (EHB) Locator, EHB Rx Worksheet, and Flesch Score certification.   These documents are provided through SERFF and can be accessed through the links below. 
The form checklist documents the location of selected state and federal requirements within the forms.  It is not exhaustive, and review of all applicable law is required.  There are three versions of the checklist. Filers should use the one that pertains to the type of policy being filed (blanket vs. non-blanket). See the links further down: 
  • ACA Form Filing Checklist – Title 39 Student Major Medical Blanket Plan
  • ACA Form Filing Checklist – Title 39 Products
  • ACA Form Filing Checklist – Title 17 (HIC) Products  
The EHB Locator Worksheet confirms and identifies the form number and page location of Ohio’s Essential Health Benefits. The filer also identifies when the coverage exceeds the Benchmark Plan (including limitations/exclusions) or when actuarial equivalent coverage is substituted.  The EHB RX Worksheet demonstrates  compliance with the Ohio benchmark by documenting the drug count for each required pharmaceutical category/class.
Form Filing Supporting Document Requirements
Student health insurance plans sold through blanket policies:


Student health insurance plans sold through non-blanket policies:


Select from one of the following:



Form Filing Resources​




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