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Surety Bail Bond Examination Check List

The following is an examination and licensing procedure checklist for the Ohio resident surety bail bond agent. For more information regarding exam reservations, or for directions to a testing center, please contact Prometric at 877-346-4014 or www.prometric.com/ohio. For more information regarding the application process, please contact the License Division of the Ohio Department of Insurance at 614-644-2665.


Prepare for your exam:

  • Take appropriate Surety Bail Bond pre-license education course.
  • Find the outline for your exam at www.Prometric.com/ohio.
  • Use appropriate study materials.
  • Obtain a course completion certificate for Surety Bail Bond. 
  • Complete an electronic State and FBI criminal background check using WebCheck. The results are returned within two to five business days. Results must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Insurance directly from BCI.  WebCheck facilities authorized: ODI authorized WebCheck location

Schedule your exam:

  • You may schedule you exam by mail, fax, phone or online. Contact Prometric at (877) 346-4014 or at www.Prometric.com/ohio
  • You may test at any Prometric testing centers in Ohio; you may also make arrangements through Prometric to take the Ohio insurance exam at other Prometric locations nationwide.

Take your Exam:

  • Two (2) forms of signature identification, one of which must be government-issued and photo-bearing (preferably a driver’s license).
  • Original and valid pre-licensing education certificate. (The certificate is valid for 180 calendar days from completion of course.)
  • Confirmation number provided when the reservation was made. 
  • Failing score report (if retaking the examination).
  • Arrive thirty (30) minutes before the examination. 
  • After passing the examination, if you want to have your fingerprints taken, for the required background check, at the test center (optional), you must also bring a Credit/debit Card.

After passing the examination:

  • Complete the Surety Bail Bond application. 
  • Supporting application documents should be sent to:  Ohio Department of Insurance, 50 W. Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • After the license has been approved, contact Prometric to obtain your photo bearing Surety Bail Bond wallet card. 

Resident agents requesting photo ID wallet card must submit an Exam Registration Form for Ohio Insurance Examinations with the following sections of the form completed: 

o  Applicant’s full name which was used at time of examination

o  Last four digits of the SSN

o  Residence Address

o  Daytime phone number

o  Email address

o  A $25 fee made payable to “Prometric” (Only cashier’s check, company check, money order, MasterCard or Visa methods of payment are accepted.) 

o  The completed form must be sent to Prometric using the address on the form.

Non-resident agents requesting a photo ID wallet card must contact Prometric at 1-877-346-4014 to schedule an appointment for a photograph for processing.  Make sure you bring your current surety bail bond agent license and a current photo ID to the photograph session.  Once the photo is processed, instructions on payment procedure will be provided by Prometric.

After unsuccessful passage of examination:

  • Follow the instructions on the score report received from Prometric.

Important Information for licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents:

Ohio Revised Code §§ 3905.85 (C): A surety bail bond agent license issued pursuant to this section authorizes the holder, when appointed by an insurer, to execute or countersign bail bonds in connection with judicial proceedings and to receive money or other things of value for those services. However, the holder shall not execute or deliver a bond during the first one hundred eighty days after the license is initially issued. This restriction does not apply with respect to license renewals.

Ohio Revised Code §§ 3905.85(F): All surety bail bond agents shall renew their license annually on or before the last day of February.  Renewal applications shall be accompanied by a $150.00 renewal fee. The superintendent shall not renew the license of any surety bail bond agent who fails to meet the continuing education requirements or whose application for renewal does not meet the requirements of section 3905.85 of the Revised Code.

Ohio Revised Code §§ 3905.88:  Each individual who is issued a license as a resident surety bail bond agent shall complete at least seven hours of continuing education in each license renewal period. The continuing education shall be offered in a course or program of study related to the bail bond business that is approved by the superintendent of insurance and shall include at least one hour of approved ethics training.  The superintendent shall not renew the license of any surety bail bond agent who fails to meet the continuing education requirements or whose application for renewal does not meet the requirements of section 3905.85 of the Revised Code.

Ohio Revised Code §§ 3905.85(G):  All individuals licensed as a surety bail bond agent in Ohio are required to have a wallet identification card that includes the licensee’s photograph and any other information required by the superintendent.  The licensee shall keep the wallet identification card on the licensee’s person while engaging in the bail bond business.  The superintendent has designated Prometric as the source of these photo ID cards.

The State of Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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